Do You Need Help Getting Your Child’s Weight Under Control?While it may be painful to consider a child’s weight as a medical condition, parents have to take the consequences of childhood obesity seriously. Doctors have linked serious health complications and emotional complications to childhood obesity problems. Learn to identify the effects of childhood obesity now, as you work to help your child achieve and maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle.Identifying the Causes of Childhood Obesity

In order to lower your child’s risk of becoming overweight, it’s important to understand the causes of childhood obesity. While genetic and hormonal factors can be reasons for childhood obesity, the most common causes of obesity in children stem from lifestyle and diet. To put it simply, most obese children eat more calories than they are able to work off.

Sometimes Families Just Need A Little Help

Childhood obesity treatment differs from child to child, and depends largely on the child’s age and overall health. For most overweight kids, treatment focuses on changes to the child’s diet, and level of physical activity, and helping the child control his hunger. Since the food in the house is purchased mainly by an adult, a key part of treating children involves educating the entire family. The behavior of the child must change to affect his or her weight, but the eating behaviors of the family dictate the eating behaviors of the child. For this reason, the entire family must change to insure his or her success.

With the help of a Trimcare Physician the child and their family work together to establish solutions to problem. In the LOSEIT program the parents must commit to actively engaging in the child’s weight loss program, assisting with everything from eating treatment to emotional support or the program will not even commence.

What the LOSEIT PROGRAM stands for and how it works:

L = Learning the Reasons behind your Child’s Eating Behaviors

O = Optimizing Metabolism

S = Steps and Strides (Counting your Daily strides)

E = Everyone in the Family Takes Part

I = Itemize & Identify what you Eat

T =Take Away & Trade Diet (Phase 1-5)


Learning the Reasons Behind your Child’s Eating Behaviors

Learning the behaviors behind your child’s eating habits, the when, where, why and how your children eat and how you can positively change them will help put them on the right path.

O = Optimizing Metabolism

It may be tempting to blame your metabolism for weight gain, but metabolism is simply a natural process. Metabolism is not your child’s enemy. While you cannot easily speed it up there are some simple ways to make it work for your child which will improve their health and assist in weight loss.

S = Steps and Strides (Counting your Daily strides)

Pedometers are given to children and their daily steps and strides are totaled where the goal is to eventually get the children and the family members to 10,000 steps a day.

E=Everyone in the Family Takes Part

Anyone who tries to lose weight needs a support system, children in particular, which is why it is so vital that the family take the journey together. This means re-wiring your family’s daily life and embracing an entirely new attitude around the dinner table. As families who eat together do so much more than lose weight together, they grow together.

I=Itemize & Identify what you Eat

After two weeks of analyzing what your child eats, you should start noticing unhealthy eating habits and patterns. Identifying bad habits is the first step toward developing better habits as a family.

T=Take Away & Trade Diet (Phase 1-5)

Now that you’ve learned the importance of healthy habits, nutrition for kids, physical activity, and supportive family life, it’s time to establish a healthy childhood obesity diet. Healthy foods for children are vital toward helping children reach an optimal goal weight.

The use of the Take Away and Trade Diet focuses on a five-phase plan that slowly transforms the entire family’s eating choices. The five phases use simple substitutions to develop positive diet changes one goal at a time.

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