Benefits of the TrimSlim Fat Diminisher

  • Destruction Mechanism of action- induces lipolysis or breakdown of fat.
  • Diminishes areas that cannot be lost from diet/exercise
  • Stretch marks, fat & cellulite at injection site, tightens skin
  • Permanent with sensible lifestyle upkeep

Effective One treatment shrinks area 2-3 inches in as little as 10-14 days, results vary by location treated  and amount of fat present.

Real Loss Lose inches & pounds of FAT!

Full body composition scan taken before & after procedure to accurately measure and report loss.

Real Gain Increases muscle mass and tone, more energy, decreases whole body fat percentage.

Quick and Painless liposuction alternative, non-surgical, safe. Requires no anesthesia and no downtime.


How does it work?

The medications used, work by increasing the production of a natural substance that diminishes fat. It is extremely effective and also boasts significantly less side effects than other medications used, with the most common being skin irritation and mild bruising at the injection site. The technique of using several small injections, increases the micro-circulation of the area and stimulates new cell growth.

Why diet and exercise sometimes won’t work?

The development of some fat pockets can be both frustrating when you look in the mirror and hazardous to your health! You risk developing dangerous visceral fat that builds up around your organs. There is no way to lose weight in only one area of your body through diet and exercise. With diet and exercise, you lose weight throughout your entire body and cannot pinpoint areas, this process is called spot reduction. This treatment in no way replaces a sensible diet and exercise plan. It does work extremely well to eliminate those stubborn fat pockets that cannot be lost otherwise and when optimal body composition is already achieved and there are only areas of concern.

How fast will I see results?

Results are seen relatively quickly. Drastic results have been seen in patients after one treatment, in as little as seven days. Of course, time will vary by the area and amount of fat being treated.

Will the results last?

The results will last as long as sensible lifestyle upkeep is maintained. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a poor diet following the procedure, you will gain weight and be subject to fat build up, cellulite as you would with any method chosen for losing the initial weight.

How long is the down time and recovery time?

There is usually no down time or recovery time for this procedure. Most patients can resume regular activities immediately.

Is the treatment painful?

The majority of patients experience minimal discomfort. Ice is applied prior to the procedure and is often described as the most uncomfortable part of the entire process.

What Happens during the treatment?

  • Your measurements and a BIOSPACE total body composition analysis will be taken. Pictures are also taken upon request.
  • The treatment area is numbed and prepped.
  • The medication is injected using a fine needle (size of an eyelash).
  • The time spent injecting is very short and there is little to no down time. Regular activity can usually be resumed immediately.
  • A follow up will be scheduled 7-10 days from the original treatment date.

TrimCare’s philosophy has always been to utilize the best practices of both allopathic and alternative or complementary medicine. Countless hours of research and innovation enables us to offer the latest in medical breakthroughs arising from cutting edge research. At TrimCare, our mission has always been to enhance wellness,  life expectancy and quality of life through product offerings that encourage patients to participate with us on this journey!

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