Innovative Care Physicians and Dr. Ivan Goldsmith are committed to providing the highest level of overall health and wellness. With medicine in reverse, a program that helps you get healthy on the inside by also improving the outside, we are here for you every step of the way.

 Program Highlights

  •  An annual comprehensive physical evaluation focused on disease prevention by determining your potential health risks.
  •   Guaranteed same or next day appointments. You will always see Dr. Goldsmith when he is in town. When he is away, his assistants will grant you the same level of access.
  •   No wait time for appointments. When you arrive, we will have a room ready for you.
  •   Appointments will take as long as you need. Stay until all of your concerns are addressed.
  •   The personal cell phone number of Dr. Goldsmith will be given to you when the Agreement is executed. Important medical questions no longer have to wait for an appointment time.
  •   Up to 5 times a year, Dr. Goldsmith will arrive early or stay late to accommodate you at his office.
  •   Prompt and thorough follow-up calls for test results, prescription refills, referrals or any other concern.
  •   Complimentary body fat analysis anytime you request it during a visit.


Program Description

 The Concierge Program is limited to 250 patients. This allows Dr. Goldsmith more time to provide personalized service and convenience. Our comprehensive program emphasizes early detection to prevent major medical conditions before they arise. Some insurance companies cover basic annual physicals but do not cover preventive health programs that provide additional specialized services that last the entire year.

 The perks we’ve added into this program are not covered by any insurance.

 Program Services

 Comprehensive Physical Evaluation

 Each patient will receive an annual physical examination that includes: an individualized health screening, a body fat analysis, disease assessment, health risk factor assessment and have all necessary tests ordered to facilitate the exam. To ensure that overall health is achieved, this examination will be extremely thorough. This examination is included with the program and will not incur any additional costs. The tests and follow up appointments are not included with the examination and will be billed to the patient’s insurance or paid in cash at the time of service.

VIP Access to Your Doctor

 Superior service and immediate access are top priorities. Members will receive appointments for the day they call or the next business day in every case. A room will be waiting for them when they arrive at the office, so there is no wait time. The appointment will not end until you say it is over. You are the VIP, and the Dr. will not rush out to see the next patient. Up to five times a year, Dr. Goldsmith will come in early or stay late to accommodate your schedule. Office hours no longer define available business hours for Concierge patients. If you have a medical question that cannot wait for an appointment, you can call Dr. Goldsmith on his private cell phone number you receive after you sign the Agreement and payment has cleared.

Front of the Line Access

 If you need a referral or a prior authorization for a medication or service, your request is moved to the front of the line. Your wait will only be as long as the insurance takes to make the determination. One of our staff members will coordinate everything for you and reach out to you with the details. We will always consider any request you have including the prescription refills you need a top priority. As soon as we receive the results to any labs or procedures you were sent out for, a member of our staff will call to let you know if a follow-up appointment is needed.

 Weight Loss, Fitness Assessment and Nutritional Analysis

Your covered physical will include a dietary analysis, education on necessary lifestyle changes and dietary modification to optimize your health regime. A body fat analysis will be given when your physical is received. The body fat analysis will be available to you upon request, free of charge (a $20 value), any time you have an appointment. If you book a follow up appointment to the covered physical, we will provide a detailed fitness program designed to meet your individual needs. Although the weight loss program requires paid visits every eight weeks (and cannot be billed to insurance), your added benefits of a complimentary body fat analysis and detailed fitness program will be included with any appointment you request it at.

Medical Insurance Suggestions

 Many services we provide are billable to insurance, with the exception of the diet, anti aging and wellness products and services. We are providers for most of the Major Medical Plans in town. The Program only covers services described in the Program Agreement. Any additional diagnoses, non-program medical services, specialty care, laboratory, imaging, prescriptions, hospital services and more are not covered. They are the sole responsibility of the patient. This program is not designed to take the place of an insurance company. Membership fees cannot be billed to any insurance, but many of the items not covered in the membership can be. All follow up visits to the one covered physical examination will be billed to insurance or the patient if no insurance is provided. Therefore, patients are encouraged to maintain health care insurance. All items that are insurance billable will be provided at a cash discount to those without insurance.

 Membership Fee Options

Dr. Ivan Goldsmith, through Innovative Care Physicians, offers several programs and payment options for Concierge Program members.


Annual Plans

 Individual $2,000.00

Two Family Members $3,500.00

Three Family Members $4,500.00 + $1,000.00 per additional member after three


Quarterly Plans

Individual $550.00

 Two Family Members $925.00

 Three Family Members $1175.00 + $250 per additional member after three

Family members must be from the same immediate family. Children qualify under a parent’s plan if they are between the ages of 15-26. We do not see anyone younger than 15. Patients over 26 must purchase their own plan or may share a plan with a spouse.

 Your plan is effective either three months or one year (depending on the payment option you select) from the date the Agreement is executed. It will remain in effect as long as the next payment is received before the expiration date. If payment is not received by the expiration date or is reversed for any reason, your current Agreement will terminate. A new Agreement must be executed if you wish to continue on the program.

 These prices are guaranteed to remain the same upon renewal for the life of the Agreement as long as the next payment is received before the current period expires. If payment is late, you will be charged the prevailing rate of a new Program member and will need to execute a new Agreement. Space is limited to 250 Patients. Your spot is only guaranteed as long as your Agreement does not expire. Once an Agreement expires, we cannot guarantee your space will still be available when you choose to renew.

 If a family member moves from your plan to an individual plan without a lapse, an individual Agreement will need to be executed. The Program spot will be guaranteed, and the prevailing individual rate at the time the original Agreement was executed will be granted. This also applies to anyone moving from an individual plan to a family plan assuming space is available for the family member being added. Any time a member is added or dropped from a plan, a new Agreement needs to be executed. We will always honor the rate of the Original Agreement as long as there was no lapse in payment or membership.

 As long as payment or membership does not lapse, you can alternate between the annual plan and the quarterly plan as you choose. A new Agreement is not necessary to change the payment plan. We will know which plan you are selecting by the amount you send in.

 For more information regarding payment arrangement or to order a Patient Agreement, please call the Administration office at 702-646-9444 option 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dr. Goldsmith’s Concierge Program differ from other practices?

 Dr. Goldsmith’s philosophy emphasizes prevention and extends beyond symptom oriented medicine.

The Program is limited to 250 patients (unlike other programs who have 650 or more). He is able to offer special benefits and more quality time than providers in typical practices. Program members will receive priority appointments and overall care whether inside our outside of the office. There are not any other programs offered that include an overall wellness approach with VIP service available from a primary care physician, who holds Board Certification in Internal Medicine, Anti Aging and Bariatric Medicine.


Why does Dr. Goldsmith limit the number of Concierge Patients?

 Patients and physicians are frustrated with the current crisis affecting the US healthcare system. Physicians are extremely rushed, since they often see 25-35 patients a day. The average patient must schedule appointments weeks or months in advance only to see the provider for 10-15 minutes after a long in office wait. By limiting the number of Concierge Patients, we are assuring that each member gets the exceptional service we are offering.

Can I bill the membership fee to my insurance?

 The Concierge Program is not covered by medical insurance. While some insurances cover a basic physical, we are providing a comprehensive physical (with items that are more complete than any insurance would cover). It is a covered benefit of the overall program and will never be billed to insurance or the patient (if no medical insurance is on file). All of the other program perks are not benefits of having insurance. Members are encouraged to check with their employer concerning their personal benefits. Some employers have been known to cover programs like this as an executive benefit, since it includes a comprehensive physical. The membership fee(s) may also be reimbursable by cafeteria plans, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and/or health reimbursement accounts.

Does Dr. Goldsmith accept insurance for additional services?

 There are a number of products and services we carry that are billable to insurance. We do not bill cash only items to any insurance but will provide billing records to any patient upon request for self submission. Any insurance billable item will be submitted on your behalf as long as we are providers for your medical insurance. The office staff can assist you in determining if we take your plan or if an item is billable to insurance. Please call 702-367-0808 option 0 for more details.

 How do I reserve my spot in the Concierge Program?

 Availability is limited to the first 250 patients who obtain membership. Once these spots have been filled, your name can be placed on a waiting list. Current members have the first right to renewal spots unless their membership lapses. Patients on the waiting list will be contacted in order once members leave their guaranteed spaces. Please contact the Administration office at 702-646-9444 option 4 to discuss possible enrollment.

What happens if my physician is out of town?

 For acute medical conditions, patients are asked to be seen by the Physician’s Assistant. The same level of benefits will be given by the replacement provider. He/she will coordinate your healthcare with your provider.


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