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Travis James Zipper

Travis James Zipper

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Travis James Zipper

Travis James Zipper


Travis James Zipper specializes in guiding clients on a path to a healthier lifestyle based on real food and proper exercise. TrimCare is proud to have Travis on our Las Vegas Diet team!

(702) 878-8888


Bachelors of Computer Engineering Technology from Arizona State University

I.S.S.A. Personal Trainer Certification
I.S.S.A. Nutritionist Specialist
I.S.S.A. Fitness/Exercise Therapist
Crossfit Level I Trainer


Travis’s back to basics approach to health, nutrition and wellness is one that is founded on educating others about how to best care for themselves on a daily basis by eating real, unprocessed foods and incorporating exercise into their daily lives.

Travis can help you to identify your DNA Diet Type, Metabolic Type, provide a detailed meal plan based on the above by first educating you on what foods are optimal for your body and mind and by giving you the ideas and recipes to make the process of creating a new healthy lifestyle that you can stick with.


Whether it is losing weight or getting ready for a fitness competition. My goal is to help you choose the best foods, in the correct portions at the optimal time for obtaining personal wellness. I am here to figure out what works best for you!


Getting started with an exercise program for the first time can be overwhelming, so it is important to listen to your body and stay within your prescribed fitness limitations and most importantly enjoy what you are doing. So designing the proper program, should be custom tailored with the one goal of helping you meet your fitness goals.


“I love the feeling that the gym brings, seeing people’s faces, watching their efforts, seeing their progressions and being in contact with everyone.” ‘When you don’t feel 100%, exercising can be the one thing that can turn the day around.”

I would love to design a program for you, so come in and talk to me about your goals and we will put you on a path to make it happen. If you are willing to put in the work? Call me at (702) 878-8888 ask for Travis!

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